Best paid WordPress themes

There are several things that bring a website to life. And not one of them are necessarily the design (or lack thereof) of the website.

Adding custom creative elements, it is easy to forget that the site does not just exist on a hard drive – it has to work. It cannot be that you install special plugins and tricks to optimize your startup speedand expect that other features will just work.

A theme on your website that you paid for is not only special, it takes pride in quality and flexibility. It will fulfill your users with distinctive features.
I am sure that you need to browse through some themes before choosing one. So, here are my picks of the top paid WordPress themes.

Best paid WordPress themes

1. Divi

My first blog was a collection of images I liked from Flickr. I have used Divi since the day I introduced my blog. I think that you are going to find an easy to use website template with very flexible features. There is no need to replace the sexy templates with some generic web design templates. Although, there are many other alternatives, I personally enjoyed the Divi look and feel.

2. Massive Dynamic

The site designer who created this theme asked me about just how I use my site. I find it to be an easier and more intensive platform. If you are feeling unsure of website optimization, they get lots of technical questions from their visitors, such as website speed, SEO, and more. So, I trust them to keep the webpage fun and engaging to their users and leave them to find interesting content to discover.

3. Avada

No this blog is not just a quote. It is a blog full of funny and useful quotes, gathered from around the globe. I started it on one whim during class. But, the WordPress theme just make everything possible. The promo quote from Jimmy Wong that becomes a part of every post is a wonderful little feature on this theme. You will find inspiring quotes without reaching for the dictionary.

4. BeTheme

Creating a blog can be hard and it takes long time. So, I have chosen this theme because it will take less time and keep up with my useful blog. It will use my last successful designs and because it is very simple, it is full of options. I love the direct editing option and I really like the clear, drop-down menu where I can manage my WordPress themes.

5. Seofy

I have learned in web design that every link is the most important link on your website. You should only create a link that users are looking for. The rule of thumb is 10% of the visitors is a repeat visitor. This theme makes it easy for me to include other things on my site. I have encountered a lot of programs on the market and I have always liked the link reader. So, the theme makes it easy for me to show just one image without the need to include all of it.

Do you have any suggestions for the top paid wordpress theme? Let us know!