Boosted Board: Electric Skateboards?

Boosted Board: A brand new take on the skateboard?

A brand-new take on the old fashioned board with 4 wheels – the Boosted Skateboard is the newest form of modern-day, suburban transportation. Eliminating the need to push, the Boosted Board is electrically operated – requiring only the push of a button to go.

The Boosted Board is a compact and slim skateboard built with a durable frame and built-in batteries. The Board’s design is one of solid design. The foreboding red frame with all of its crisscrossing pins is reminiscent of the Rossignol, a longstanding skateboard brand. In the middle of the frame, a thin rod with vertical metal flakes with four small round indentations with solid metallic nubs serves as a handle. The two oval upper surfaces protrude from the upper parts of the frame. The horizontal, clamshell lid that covers the board from top to bottom and the bottom surface it anchors to is smooth and smooth, available in a variety of colors. The Boosted Board has a durable frame that offers both lightweight strength and quick tow. One would imagine that a high-speed setup such as the Boosted Board would result in bumps or dings on its rugged frame. However, it will take a lot of abuse before the Boosted Board needs some TLC.

The setup and accessories

The Boosted Board is available in a variety of colors: two in white and three in black. The first to hit the street was the black variant from Slap Test, a company of bike enthusiasts. Another variant of the Boosted Board was release from Wheeler Box Technologies (WPTT), an Oregon manufacturer with more limited pockets than its Mount Jordan sibling. While these two companies made a splash with their release, the easiest way to get a customized setup is to purchase a backpiece from a third party. One such company, Putzman Skateboards, offers a high-quality 6,000mAh battery that is an ideal match to the combination of a built-in battery and high-end electronics on the Board. You can custom order an add-on battery box that has some customization and ornamentation on it. Starting from $500.

Kickstarter wish list

The Boosted Board hits the market by fulfilling a number of DIY production requests. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign put their name on the Agenda Board. The Board included five interchangeable wheel designs that will differ on the color scheme. Backers also received two subsequent updates, a pair of silicon composite grips and a wider, thicker foam seat. Each of these pieces is available for $50, currently. When the second generation Board arrives, backers will receive high-end components; a battery and a power socket; more design options; a lighter, more satisfying case; the option to swap out wheels; and all of these are even at $50 a piece. One could imagine that there would be a deck accessory at some point. It would not be surprising to see an “old school” skater board with composite elastomer that surrounds the polished rubber parts.

The two barrels on this Boosted Board offer a 12-second run time that makes it one of the longest-lasting boards on the market.


At the end of the day, the Boosted Board offers a compelling accessory that excites a whole new audience. The Board is a fun ride on the road and is a smart piece of tech for capturing those precious moments of your day in motion.