G Suite: The best email provider for small businesses

The good news for businesses is that the Cloud is continuously evolving, bringing new and innovative products and services to the workplace that are enabling employers to run their businesses more effectively. Many employers are now turning to apps, software and other services offered by third-party providers to handle a variety of tasks. Small businesses are no exception and many choose to utilize a platform like Gmail to manage their email tasks, but there is a better choice to address their specific needs.

G Suite Business gives businesses a single, secure environment to collaborate with external partners, employees and clients. By focusing on the top areas of users’ needs, it offers a solution that meets the needs of small and medium businesses.

G Suite Business: The new go-to option for small businesses

G Suite Business excels at giving small businesses the tools they need to manage and keep track of critical tasks. You can count on G Suite Business to keep track of your messages, notifications and reports. The apps and features are all tailor-made for smaller businesses to focus on what it is they need to accomplish

The G Suite Outlook application supports 13 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and more. In addition, the PDF Pro app is available in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese, and is provided for free for up to 15 users.

The Outlook application supports 12 different languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and more. The Connect app is available in 14 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and more. G Suite Business gives you an essential tool that gives a clear visual representation of your company’s workflows and task-specific planning. This helps you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

G Suite: The best email provider for small businesses by DFH Technology

G Suite Business: Keeping your team on top of everything

Having a secure platform for small businesses to collaborate, communicate and share important information can be tough with all the new apps and services that are emerging. The advanced security features and functionality offered by G Suite Business help you ensure that your employees are working in a secure environment and remain safe in your company.

The HelloMeet feature allows for secure video conferencing without compromising your business’s security. You can start a live video call on G Suite Business in minutes and connect to your colleagues and partners for the best company meetings.

Another great feature is G Suite Instant Messenger for groups of at least 10 users. You can conduct back and forth, video, and voice conversations with your colleagues, or run group workflows using popular business apps and services like Trello, Tenda, Quip, Adobe Projects, and PDF++. G Suite Business helps you keep an eye on every employee’s engagement on your company’s internal systems, whether it’s text, voice, video or chats. It also protects your company’s IP and assets from data breaches. Using advanced endpoint security features, G Suite Business can help make sure that only authorized individuals are accessing your company’s data, which will help protect your business from unwanted intrusions.

G Suite Business: Flexible business platform

Another area that businesses are relying on to run their businesses more effectively is their personal account, which they need to manage multiple projects and communicate with their co-workers and partners. It can help you keep everything in one place, so that your projects are easily managed and less time is spent on admin tasks. Using both the Office 365 and Google Apps for Work apps, G Suite Business is available for Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for Work and allows you to access your email and Calendar accounts through your personal IT platform.

G Suite Business is the best option for small businesses looking to have an easier and more productive way to manage their email. With its features for collaboration, protecting your company’s IT assets and time, and managing your personal identity, G Suite Business makes it easy for small businesses to focus on building their business while still keeping your business on track.