How to make money in the technology sector

The hitech sector is already today a market driver but also an investment opportunity. How to make money in the technology sector?

The catalysts of the technological market

With historic investment catalysts such as the expansion of the Internet and mobile devices, the technology sector is considered by experts to be an excellent buying opportunity. The bubbles of the are far away, over time and above all in the typology. Currently the risk for investors is unicorns.

Strategy to earn

But as in the past it was for, the strategy to make money with them is there. And it’s called Stock Picking. Choice of actions based on concrete growth potential. Not to be forgotten, in fact, that at the time even Amazon was a start-up. And it was Amazon, then to give life to a real investment sector represented by ecommerce. In fact, the technologies have a wide internal branching. This allows you to create a diversified portfolio within the same sector.

How to create a diversified portfolio with technology

Before starting with the analysts’ suggestions on how to create a diversified portfolio with technology, a clarification is required. With technology because within the sector there are not only software or hardware titles. But also health, e-commerce, financial, cars, as well as telecommunications companies, home automation, web content, cinema and streaming. Without forgetting a basic branch of the entire sector: semiconductors.