Robotic lawn mower: GARDENA SILENO city 500

Large tasks for home, small tasks in the garden. Anytime you need to cut the lawn or mow your trees, you can use the GARDENA SILENO robotic lawn mower as an automated, gas-powered solution.

The robotic lawn mower with new software algorithm, and aftermarket automatic servo maintenance are the keys to GARDENA SILENO city 500, the latest product of HDGUSA mowers, Inc. (, a leading manufacturer of advanced equipment for homeowners and landscape contractors, and showcased for the first time at HAGI 2016, the world’s largest indoor lawn-mower show in Las Vegas.

GARDENA SILENO city 500, the first residential robot lawn mower certified by HAGI to the “mature” demonstration model maturity stage, is equipped with a redesigned automatic servo timing system, performance improvements in key performance indicators, and IP65-certified cutting surface to deliver larger cuts and less effort from the operator.

The new cutting surface on GARDENA SILENO city 500 is 30 percent larger than its predecessor, and more than 50 percent wider at the counter, providing space for more mowing and less disturbance to the user. At the average mowing time of about 12 minutes, the five total foot rotations per second allows the operator to move across larger lawns without increasing energy consumption.

GARDENA SILENO city 500 is the first residential robot lawn mower of its kind to receive the high-performance certification mark of HAGI, and as such is the only product that produces the most green, while reducing the operator’s workload. The HAGI symbol, recognized for being the world’s benchmark for performance, efficacy, and roadworthiness, is affixed onto a number of major brands, including HDGUSA, and this HAGI certification is one more indicator that GARDENA SILENO city 500 is truly superior to traditional lawn mowers.

The innovative high-definition GPS technology in this robotic lawn mower will allow homeowners to find their properties and handle any maintenance needs with great ease.

Through GPS technology, the mower will send an alert when it has completed a lawn cut and has measured up to that distance. That distance is measured against the stated distance to the home. As homeowners are notified of these distances, they can use their phones or tablets to determine how far the machine has gone. Once confirmed and when needed, the mower will begin the job or can be turned off for routine maintenance.

Rather than being tied to home appliances or available in the garage, the robotic lawn mower will not only keep your yard tidy but keep you from mowing, too! Many individuals find mowing to be more difficult and time consuming, so the goal with this mower is to eliminate the mowing.

Compared to their competitors, the GARDENA SILENO is easier to care for because it is completely automatic with little, if any, user interaction.

GARDENA SILENO city 500 delivers outstanding convenience. Customers can save up to 30 percent off the GARDENA SILENO model nameĀ  by purchasing it under the brand name from a reputable local retailer.