What headset does Ninja use?

Ninja, the most elite gamer alive, uses the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headset. But that’s not the only headset you should consider.

Game experience and gameplay: They’re two entirely different things. Enjoying an elaborate, complex set of mechanics while playing a game doesn’t really matter unless you’re good at it. That said, there are a handful of headsets that cater to hardcore gamers and once you find one, it’s hard to go back.

What headset does Ninja use by DFH Technology

Below are eight of the best gaming headsets out there.

Featured Products:

Sades SA920

The Sades SA920 is a battle-proven headset for Android and iOS based devices. Made with premium materials and superior comfort, this headset will satisfy hardcore gamers and people looking for affordable products. The Microphone is passable, but nothing outstanding.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

Highly acclaimed for its sound quality, this headset is highly recommended. It may not have an optional Active noise-cancelling microphone, but it’s superbly designed for lightweight comfort and super wide range of frequencies. You might even find yourself enjoying heavy bass despite using this product

Bose QC35 II

Bose’s QC35 II is one of the best portable noise-cancelling headsets out there. It comes with the sum of four microphones (five if you opt for the in-line remote) and is remarkably well balanced. If it’s just enough to give you a sense of privacy, then it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

Crafty gamers like to cater to their own personal tastes and sometimes give in to quixotic needs in video games. For every hardcore enthusiast, however, there are games and consoles that are just sitting around doing nothing and  need a change. The Turtle BeachRecon 70 is one such option. It’s a PC and console gaming headset and because it works through a USB port, there’s no technical hurdles.

Sony WH1000XM3

We may not all want to wear a “dashboard-sized” helmet while racing a race car, but the price of anti-noise masking foam is high and therefore necessary. The Sony WH1000XM3 Headset is a different alternative for the high-performance car enthusiast, but it’s not a cheap alternative and it isn’t that comfortable, either.

Thrustmaster Y-300

The Thrustmaster Y-300 wireless headset might look all fancy, and it’s mediocre in every way. On top of that, it doesn’t include noise-cancelling functionality and suffers from lost connection issues when it’s not plugged in.

HyperX Cloud II

Some sports aren’t as grueling as racing and racing through a dark subterranean world in an open-world mod will soon be out of your realm. As for the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset, you can’t take the racing out of it, but you will need to go with a combination of style and comfort.