Xiaomi m365 electric scooter review

Many of the technology reviews to come include scooters. There are many models available in several models, and many have become the go-to affordable electric scooter in cities in China and some other countries. At DFH, we have been using the Xiaomi m365 for some months, we’ve used it extensively and have used the regular m123 scooter for several months as well, and now we’re ready to share our reviews on what makes these scooters  and what they mean for you.

What’s different?

The Xiaomi m365 Scooter comes in either two varieties. As usual, this is available in a range of models, with the two models here being larger and more advanced. Like many other models, this is powered by a battery that should last an average of about 20 to 30 km. While the built-in motor is something special here, though, the benefit of the three-speed, liquid-cooled motor is not the same as it is in most other scooters. The Xiaomi bPT Mi m365 has a slew of features that set it apart. Among them is safety, an integrated airbag, the ability to charge in 30 minutes and a 4.5-star (out of 5) rating from Chinese safety organization BOSC, and the fact that it is super affordable.

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter review by DFH Technology

How does it ride?

This is a simple, flat-footed scooter. It comes with a small flatbed and 5/7 of a metre wheelbase. It is easy to go from one side to the other. The gearing is good with a six-gear model to create some movement. What we like the most is that the scooter feels firm.

There is a standard pedal assist, but you need to apply it every time you want to take off. Otherwise, your step will be slightly scooter-like at first, but after a couple of km, you won’t feel this at all. The motor is not as power-driven, so it isn’t as much fun to ride that way, but it does create a nice spark.

The brakes are much more powerful than the regular m123. It feels good to power through corners and do a better than normal overdrive — although some corners take more than expected time to come back to the right place, or suddenly get tiresome. The rear wheel has a front bend that involves some forward tilting.

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter review by DFH Technology

This is something that causes some hand tremor that you would experience if you are leaning hard. The large rear wheel has a mud-guard that deploys in case you are accidentally cycling in mud, and we love this feature. There is also some neat hideaway storage inside the scooter that we love.

Overall, the difference between the Xiaomi m365 and the Xiaomi m123 is pretty small and a few tweaks would help it out even more. However, the Xiaomi is another price drop after the combo of two of these scooters is your best buy. The high performance motor and a bigger tube give it a strong difference that can’t be beat.
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